Svenska Rocker, som tidigare hette Bynk, har gått ihop med finska bolaget Enfuce för att erbjuda ett fysiskt kreditkort. Det finska bolaget, som är landets största fintech-startup, ska även säkra Rockers transaktionsprocesser. Detta skriver Enfuce i ett pressmeddelande


Rocker, the Swedish neobanking pioneer, has selected Enfuce – Finland’s largest fintech startup – as partner for card issuing and payment processing. The collaboration enables Rocker to issue VISA prepaid cards easily and securely.

Stockholm-based Rocker, formerly known as Bynk builds a mobile platform for personal finance and continuously expands its offering within the areas of loans, payments and savings.

Earlier this year, Rocker expanded its business within consumer payments by launching a debit card. Building on a background in consumer lending and peer-to-peer payments, Rocker had sought a flexible solution to underpin a prepaid card offering.

Rocker joined forces with Enfuce’s team of experts in order to fast-track an otherwise complex card issuing process. Besides supporting licensing, compliance and payment processing, Enfuce’s one-stop-shop service helped Rocker to process card transactions according to the highest security and compliance standards.

”We are a tech company building a retail banking platform with services that are more flexible, super easy to use and more affordable. As we expand towards our vision of becoming Europe’s number one future neobank and offer people the chance to replace their old bank, we need strong and flexible infrastructure partners to be part of the platform creation”, said Oscar Hyléen, Deputy CEO and Head of Communications at Rocker.

Enfuce enables Rocker to issue feature-rich cards compatible with any payment method, currency or geography, which helps the company in its announced plans to expand its business on a European scale.

By integrating Enfuce’s web-based API, Rocker can seamlessly control features like dynamic spending limits, push notifications and geo blocking.

”We’re excited that Rocker chose us to power their cutting-edge neobank service. Through our card-as-a-service solution, they can launch modern payment services easily and securely. We’re thrilled to work with a team of innovative professionals who are building extraordinary products within personal finance”, said Monika Liikamaa, co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Enfuce.


In addition to powering payments, Enfuce is helping Rocker cover operational needs with a suite of back-office services – comprising Dispute- and Risk Management as well as Service Desk Support.

”Our partnership shows how collaboration is the key to achieving big things in fintech. By internalising all the complexity of the payments industry, we help Rocker to focus fully on building amazing customer experiences” adds Monika Liikamaa. ”We’re thrilled to join forces with a truly like-minded partner and look forward to growing together”.

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