UK challenger Starling Bank has partnered with accounting software provider QuickBooks to offer its business customers a connection between the two services.

The link means businesses’ accounts ledgers will update automatically with each transaction, instantly refreshing as companies spend and receive money.

Teaming up with QuickBooks also means Starling business users can invoice customers, chase late payments and track deductible mileage, as well as run and link payroll to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

“Users have the chance to auto-sync, enabling an even faster and easier way for them to reconcile their business accounts and make better informed, real-time, business choices,” says QuickBook’s UK head of product Shaun Shirazian.

Now serving 90,000 business customers, the bank’s CEO Anne Boden says its new cloud-based partner was requested by many of these users to join Starling’s business marketplace. Now there is an in-app choice of four different QuickBooks packages with 24/7 support which the bank says are tailored to different business types.


“Starling and QuickBooks have both taken a traditional industry and disrupted it with the power of technology and our apps,” says Boden. “We have given power back to our customers by letting them use their own data to make better business choices.”

The neobank says the partnership will also help its business customers become compliance-savvy with the government’s new ‘Making Tax Digital’ system, as well as give them access to VAT SmartScan to ensure their VAT returns do not contain any errors.

QuickBooks is the eleventh partner to grace Starling’s business marketplace, joining the likes of New Zealand-based Xero, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s FreeAgent and online legal platform Sparqa Legal.