UK challenger Starling Bank plans on using an Irish banking license to passport into European countries over the next years, Anne Boden, its CEO, revealed.

In an interview with IBS Intelligence, the CEO and Founder said Starling is currently working on expansions across both geographies and products.

“We’re working on a process to get an Irish banking licence, which will mean that we can have a European Centre in Dublin and then passport out of Dublin, out of Ireland, into European countries. So we very much hope that in a couple of years’ time, you’ll be seeing us across Europe,” Boden said.

She noted that the bank also has several products in development, including multi-currency accounts and a number of new services for small businesses which will allow them to link into the UK government’s HM Revenue and Customs department and complete VAT returns. Furthermore, Starling aims to launch more products to help retail customers.


“We are ever so proud that we are doing such great things for businesses,” Boden said. “Starling is at an exciting place, it’s full of people that are passionate about building banking services for our customers. And when those customers thrive, we thrive.”

“I have a chance in my role of coming across some exciting businesses that are new, that are exciting that is changing the world for the good. And I am in that unique position of being able to help those businesses.”

In January, Boden said the bank aims to become the first challenger to be registered on the stock exchange, with a float expected as soon as 2022.